24 November 2004, Deployed Soldiers Network, L.L.C. (DSN) was formed for one purpose, to provide deployed soldiers at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo with a vehicle through which a robust, reliable, and affordable means of communicating with families could be achieved.

DSN is formed by seasoned U.S. military veterans in the Telecommunications arena. With a combined 63 years of management experience that spreads the entire spectrum of telecommunications to include operating a European Wireless carrier from 2001-2003, engineering 3G networks for T-Mobile, as well as managing all voice and data requirements for US KFOR soldiers from 2002-2005.


Our vision is to forge partnerships with incumbent carriers and Internet Service Providers, throughout the Globe, creating a plug-and-play system. So that our customers are always getting the best product for Its patrons, at the best price.

DSN brings the breadth and depth from engineering to management needed to provide quality service to the best customers in the World, around the Globe.